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A: My problem has been solved, in the end the solution was installing the firmware on the tablet, i have tried everything, try to update the tablet, try the help of the tech support, all without success. The solution was to update the firmware on the tablet, it has done. The field of the invention relates generally to electrical current measurement, and more particularly, to an apparatus for detecting a current and its associated power. The benefits of monitoring electrical power consumption are well recognized. In the past, electrical power consumption has been monitored using a variety of analog and digital systems, including, for example, monitoring power consumption at each outlet in a building and measuring or recording the power consumption via a power monitoring device located in a central office. With the advent of digital electrical monitoring equipment, it has become possible to monitor power consumption using a centralized computer. Many modern electronic devices draw electrical power from a power source. In some instances, such as a battery, the power source of the device is limited in capacity. Other power sources may be limited in duration or efficiency. Other problems associated with some power sources include temperature and noise. For example, with battery-powered devices, the size and number of batteries used can be limited by the available space on the device, the power required by the device, and the available capacity of the batteries. In addition, batteries must periodically be replaced, either because the battery no longer has enough power for the device to operate correctly or because the battery is simply too small. Furthermore, there are many known causes of energy waste, such as, for example, a lamp that is always lit. In order to reduce the size of the batteries used, many devices use power efficient designs. These devices are more likely to operate at full capacity, thus reducing the time the batteries are on the devices. Known battery-powered devices use these power efficient designs, but most importantly, their use of power efficient designs consumes less power than they would with a battery having less capacity, or a larger capacity. While these battery-powered devices may consume less power, the power may still be wasted. In such instances, the device may be operating at a reduced performance level because of the limitations of the battery. Therefore, it would be desirable to provide an improved system for measuring electrical power consumption.The criteria for ‘bad press’ are getting shakier. In a nutshell, what constitutes ‘bad’ press is getting harder to define. This is why we ac619d1d87

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